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Bereavement is a common devastating experience and one of the most painful and stressful life events. Bereavement is the process of recovering from the death of a loved one. Grief is a reaction to any form of loss. Feelings of loss are common following divorce/separation, miscarriage or fertility difficulties, abortion, redundancy or trauma. Both bereavement and grief comprise a range of feelings from deep sadness to anger. Occasionally there are no emotions, there is only numbness. Some people find it difficult to cope with their loss and believe they will never be happy again. Loneliness and isolation are also common feelings after loss.

Although grief is a normal reaction to loss, everyone grieves in their own way and in their own time.

Common symptoms of Bereavement and Grief

  • Feelings of anger, shock, relief, guilt, sadness, fear and anxiety
  • Physical symptoms including exhaustion, tightness in chest area or throat, breathlessness, lack of energy or feeling weak
  • Confusing thoughts, preoccupation, feeling stuck in the grief
  • Disturbed sleeping and eating patterns, crying, withdrawing socially

How therapy can help with Bereavement and Grief:

Therapy offers a warm, empathic, safe and confidential space in which we can collaboratively work towards:

  • Working through and acknowledging the many painful feelings associated with your loss
  • Adjusting to the new reality of the loss
  • Coping with the stressors associated with your loss
  • Helping to accommodate the loss enabling you to carry on with your life

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Is Anxiety holding you back? Anxiety is a natural emotional response to stressful situations and prepares us for challenges. However, anxiety can become problematic if it persists, is excessive and out of proportion to the actual danger or situation. When anxiety is not managed it can lead to a tendency to always expect something to go wrong and excessive worry about health, money, family, work, relationships and school. The worry is often unrealistic or out of proportion for the situation. 

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