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Counselling for children

Childhood trauma is very common and may take many forms including emotional, physical, sexual abuse and neglect. Witnessing abuse, parental mental health, addiction issues and feeling unloved and cared for as a child can have effects that remain in adulthood.

Experiencing trauma and abuse as a child or teenager is a very traumatic experience and many survivors find it very difficult to disclose the abuse or seek help. Many people want to forget the past but often find that intrusive painful memories and flashbacks impact their ability to enjoy life. It is important to be aware that with support you can recover fully from childhood trauma and abuse to lead a full life with healthy relationships.

Common symptoms and effects of childhood trauma and abuse on adult survivors

The impact of childhood sexual abuse varies enormously and may depend on the nature and extent of the abuse. Generally long-term effects may include:

  • Depression
  • Feelings of low self-esteem and self-worth
  • Anxiety, fearfulness and a sense that the world is a dangerous place
  • Avoidance of emotions or feeling numb or difficulty in expressing or dealing with emotions
  • Feelings of guilt and shame
  • Isolation and confusion
  • Difficulties trusting, managing and maintaining relationships
  • Self-destructive behaviours including alcohol and drug abuse, self-harming and eating disorders

How can therapy help with Childhood Trauma and Abuse

  • Share your experience of abuse in a caring, supportive and compassionate space allowing you to deal with painful emotions, memories and thoughts.
  • Help you to understand the impact of the abuse and how it may be affecting your present life
  • Identifying triggers for intrusive memories and learning coping mechanisms to deal with the painful memories and emotions.
  • Build and restore your self-esteem and vitality to allow you to heal and recover from the trauma of abuse

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