Relationship Counselling in Ireland. Many people experience difficulties in their relationships.

Relationship difficulties

Healthy relationships enrich our lives, but every relationship requires work and will bring challenges that must be managed. Many people experience difficulties in their relationships. Daily stresses can put a strain on our relationships, threatening their stability. Issues can generally be resolved by good communication however when issues and challenges are not addressed, tensions can mount and negatively impact on relationships.

Common symptoms or signs of Relationship Difficulties

  • Frequent fights and arguments that are not resolved, leading to resentment
  • Minimal communication, which is generally negative
  • Spending less time together and a lack of intimacy
  • Feeling criticised and put down by your partner
  • Loss of trust in your partner and lack of emotional support

How can therapy help with Relationship Difficulties?

  • Gain an understanding of how and why difficulties are arising in your relationships
  • Learning how to improve communication within your relationships
  • Developing skills and tool to help you repair and rebuild damaged relationship
  • Coping with relationship break up or separation
  • Problem solving to assist in deciding if a relationship is coming to an end.
  • Learn how to build your self-esteem within relationship leading to improved and more fulfilling relationships. | Icon | Accredited Counsellor

Relationship Counselling in Ireland

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